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Andy Rutledge’s redesign

Exerpt from one of the greatest reads on the interwebs this week:

You may or may not know it, but the United States government has a website. is dubbed the US government’s official web portal. There you can find information for citizens, businesses, government employees, and visitors to the US. Like many government websites, it is poorly designed and often confusing. It should be redesigned, especially if the Democrat candidate for president should win the 2008 election. In that case, the transition of our government from a capitalist, representative democracy to a Marxist state will require many changes, which should be reflected on the website.

Read it all:

The end-result is almost as beautiful as the post.

One response to “Andy Rutledge’s redesign”

  1. George T. says:

    Blant hatred and propaganda. Go Andy. Go Chris.

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