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An Illustrated Guide

Yes, it’s a post about more illustration-type stuff. No, that’s not the sole focus of this online journal but one more consecutive post might push us over the edge.

An Illustrated Guide is a fun little single-serving blog I’ve been following for a bit that serves as a mini book-review of illustrated childrens’ books. Both the concept and execution are simple and well done. It’s definitely one of those, ‘why didn’t I think of that?’ type ideas.

Each book is categorized any number of ways: digital, junior, wordy, etc and shortly described to give you just enough to consider picking up a copy for your little ones. My favorite part is the recommendation they provide at the end of each review, things like:

  • The perfect book for the royalist.
  • The perfect book for the hipster child within.
  • The perfect book for a pint-sized Sherlock.

The nerd in me also digs the fact that they used a little -webkit-transform coding magic as you rollover the book covers as well. In most browsers you’ll probably see the image rotate a bit but if you’ll pull it up in Safari or Chrome you get the full effect. Nerd dads unite.

Definitely an easy (and resourceful) tool to throw in your RSS feeds for those of you with little ones.

An Illustrated Guide - book reviews

From above (affiliate links):

  • I Am the King – Amazon ($16.95)
  • Foxly’s Feast
  • This is New York – Amazon ($12.00)
  • The Incredible Book Eating Boy – Amazon ($12.00)

PS. While your kid will probably enjoy any of the books you get them from a site like this, their enjoyment of them would be one-hundred fold if you decided to sit down and actually read it with them. Just FYI.

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