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A Fashionable Thursday – Take Ivy

Take Ivy - 50's & 60's Ivy League fashion

Imagine my surprise come Christmas morning when I unwrapped a book that had been out of print for almost 40 years. I had indeed looked into purchasing a used copy of it before but the $200-$400 price tag left me empty handed. Thankfully, my waning desire to track one down, led to my lack of knowledge that they decided to do a reprint some time last year. I’m even more grateful to my cousin for her desire to seek out gifts that she knows you would be floored with. Huge.

Take Ivy

For obvious reasons, the entire premise of this book is attractive to me. The era, the location, the fashion, the culture and the photography. And from cover to cover I’ve flipped and noted multiple times over things that need to be remembered and/or shared. The style and influences from this generation can – and should – be seen in quality men’s fashion today.

Sadly, gone is a time when most of us put much thought into our everyday wear, much less the university-aged student. Too many times do we just grab the first t-shirt from the door to step out into the world. I’m guilty of this same practice and am slowly refining in my own mind the importance of stepping up my game even in my everyday wear.

I wanted to show you a few scans from the book but I would definitely encourage you to look into getting a copy for yourself now that it is readily available again.

Deck Shoes

Actually headed out today to see if I can find a decent pair for myself.

Laundry day

If you don’t wait until the very last moment to do laundry, you might be able to get a girl to help you do it as well.
Take Ivy - laundry day

The plaid lean

Reading makes you smart. It’s probably what got this guy into Yale.
Ivy League - the book reader

Class time

Even if you were a poor reader, I bet your professor would pass you alone on your attention to detail.
A suit for class

Brooks Brothers window display

Part of the book showcases a bit of what was in store for Ivy League grads: a life on Madison Avenue and a budget to dress in threads of the highest quality.
Brook Brothers - window display

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