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6th day

End of week internet goodness for 10/09/09

Image heavy post today. View all past 6th Days here.

Life Magazine’s 30 Dumb Inventions show that ingenuity doesn’t have to correlate with common sense. I bet there were a couple of Darwin Award winners in the bunch. A few of my favorites:

Dog Restrainer, 1940
We played with plastic toys like this as kids. Usually to pick up candy on the floor or to pinch your little brother. Never did I think, “I wonder if this will save me from a pit bull attack.”


Curved Barrel Machine Gun, 1953
I can’t think what’s worse with this product, that you’re willing to shoot a gun blindly around a corner or that you’re willing to take the chance of firing a gun that could potentially explode in your face before the bullet left the barrel.


Dual Cigarette Holder, 1955
Nothing says I love you like a little parlor courting and Marlboro sharing.


L. Ron Hubbard Electrometer, 1968
Findings from Creepy McCreeperson’s Electrometer proved that tomatoes experienced pain and screamed when sliced. Another reason to not force your kids to eat vegetables. Or allow them to believe one word out of a Scientologist’s mouth.


Baby Cage, 1937
By far my favorite from the list, who wouldn’t take the opportunity to solve your baby’s fear of heights early in life? I bet we’d have all given Michael Jackson a pass on his baby/balcony incident if this had actually caught on.

There, I Fixed It
Similar to FailBlog and People of Walmart; There, I Fixed It sarcastically lampoons user-submitted content and it puts a smile on my face. Jury rigging at its finest.

And my favorite image of the week. From Flickr

Kid playing on old Macintosh

2 responses to “6th day”

  1. RodB says:

    Curved Barrel Machine Gun

    You don’t shoot blind (Polished Metal Mirror on the Barrel)
    And there is no chance of exploding (the ammunition shatters and you get a full auto shotgun).

    It’s actually a copy of a german WWII defense system for Tank Crews.

  2. Christian says:

    Ah, thanks for the insight! A funny looking contraption nonetheless.

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