Christian Ross

This is the end, the end my friend.

For many, I am a dream seatmate on a flight. I stay contained in my own space, I rarely get up to use the restroom, I don’t order copious amounts of food or drink and I’m usually either silently fading to the sounds of my headphones or pencil deep into my Moleskine jotting random notes of my thoughts and surroundings. You should only be so lucky to find me waiting patiently when you arrive. My only request is that you return the favor.

Last week’s trip was like many of my others, solo-flight with time to write. And so I did. While I have a notebook full of trip data, they usually don’t make it into digital form or even light of day. I might go back and read through my ramblings from the flight down there and see if they’re worth taking the time to dictate, but for now I plan to just share the notes from my return flight between Managua and Houston.

The unedited: (more…)