Christian Ross

About Christian Ross

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Obligatory third person references to follow.

Christian Ross is a co-founder and principal of the digital design & development studio, eightninety designs, situated somewhere on the peripheral of the Dallas/Ft Worth metroplex. On any given day you can find him combining pixels, marking-up code, and crafting stories with the ultimate goal in mind of making our clients look better.

He’s a firm believer in side-projects as creative outlets and juggles any number of them at times. Most notably he founded and curates Note & Point with an incredibly talented Canadian.

With a decent command of the written word, he’s been afforded the opportunity to write for both clients and publications and is proud to be an original member of the Read & Trust network. Also blessed with the gift of gab, he has been invited and spoken on numerous occasions covering a wide range of topics.

When the quips grow over 140 characters, you can find him blogging at his online home. As a regular on the Internet, you can find him collecting terse thoughts on Twitter, Dribbble‘ing works-in-progress, amassing a long reading list on Instapaper, sharing digital files of his family on Flickr and Vimeo, retro’ing a bunch of photos on Instagram and cataloging a wish list of material desires at Very Goods.

Thankfully life does exist outside of the Internet and he has been blessed with a beautiful wife and the two coolest boys on the planet to spend it with. It’s hard not to get a big head with a such a blessed life, but he attempts to stay grounded through his faith and solid friendships.