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The Listserve: Start a business

I’ve subscribed to The Listserve for a while now but never really been prompted to respond to anything. I won’t discourage you from subscribing on your own but I’ll also add that there’s not much your missing out by not subscribing. Currently, there’s 23,425 subscribers from around the world who agree to be sent one email per day from the Listserve Lottery Winner for that day with anything they want to write about. I signed up because I like the concept but most of the messages end up being, “just smile and it will all be better,” “if we all traveled the world would be a better place,” “down with organized religion cause it’s the root cause of all major conflict in the world,” and so forth.

I haven’t unsubscribed yet but if I get on one of those simplify-my-digital-life kicks, it is easily one of the lowest hanging fruits that I can chop off. There have been a few good nuggets sprinkled here and there so I guess that’s what has kept me around.

With that said, when I opened up my inbox this morning to browse what ground-breaking advice I was going to receive from yesterday’s lottery winner, I was actually prompted to respond for a first time. The writer posted a note about wanting to change careers, having a lack of completing a higher education degree, how long it might actually take her to gain said education (with age not being on her side), and a concern about what would happen if she no longer had her husband to help support her/supplement her meager income. She mentions having visions of being a nurse but again leans on the crutch of education.

As with most things, I’ve got two cents and since she asked for feedback, I figured I’d throw mine in. Below you will find my response to Dolores Yates in case you’re facing similar issues or desires in life. (more…)

A conversation with my 3-year old…

This seems like as good of a place as any to archive the conversation my youngest and I had last night as we finished up his bath:

[As I’m helping him get out of the tub]
Me: “Please don’t spit, that’s pretty gross.”

K: “I had some water in my mouth from the shower. I wanted to spit it out in the tub so it could drown… and go to the fishes.”
[Puzzled and slightly teasing him]
Me: “Do fishes like spit?”
[Quite swiftly and matter-of-factly]
K: “I don’t know, dad… fishes don’t talk.”


40 Days of Dating

NYC designers Jessica Walsh and Timothy Goodman have a little bit of a reality TV experiment going on over at 40 Days of Dating and weirdly enough, it has kept my attention so far. In a nutshell, they are single friends who have decided to engage in a 40-day relationship with a few rules including daily interactions and seeing a counselor regularly . The experiment is actually over so I suppose we’ll get to see how it all works out in the end.

It’s not the greatest thing on the Internet but entertaining enough to check back every few days. Bonus: The custom artwork for each day is a nice touch.

40 Days of Dating


Without projecting in absolutes, I’d venture to say that we’re all going to be a statistic some day. Some are good stats while others are ones we’d all like to avoid, knowing this…

What statistic will you choose to be?