Christian Ross

Cathartic Writing

I’m a bit stressed. It’s been a busy 2015 and the last few weeks have been particularly rough. I’ve found in the past that writing can be a bit cathartic for me and of course there’s only so much space for it on my social network of choice. Chris is blogging again so I figure I might as well. The following is probably going to be in a depressing tone, feel free move along if you don’t want to be brought down. (more…)

Freelance Whales – Generator ^ First Floor

A little Friday music for your listening pleasure. A bit hipster but it features a banjo which makes it banjo hipster. Banjo hipster is good. Similar sound to Sufan Stevens which is as hipster as it gets.

This is a great way to start an album. Takes a minute or so to really get going; my only complaint is that I wish it was twice as long.


Listen and buy the whole album on Rdio.

Test Your Focus

For a long time multi-tasking was a buzz word in the corporate setting and a desired trait in many job interviews. It’s too late for me to hunt down the research but I have come across a few different articles in the last year or two debunking the myths that we are actually good at multi-tasking or that we are more productive when we attempt to be. As much as I like having a variety of projects to work on, I do find that my productivity tends to suffers when I jump quickly from task-to-task during the day.

I just spent the last 5 minutes testing my personal theories on some simple NYTimes interactive tests. As I imagined, I scored quite well on the Focus portion and fell short of average on the Juggling Tasks (multi-tasking) test. Care to see how you perform?

NYTimes interactive test on multi-tasking

Site tweaks

If you visit this site through RSS then you’ve probably noticed a large drop of stuff coming down all at once today. Occasionally I like to bookmark things across the web I find interesting that aren’t worth a whole post but I like to share. The three most current run in the right sidebar under my Twitter feed.

I’ve always wanted them to mesh together with the current feed but hadn’t done it before today. Sorry. Though Tumblr is far easier for things like this, I’m not in the mood to make the full switch yet; but I do get the feeling that the sidebar links go unnoticed. We’ll trial this for a bit and see how it goes.

Feel free to yell at me below for adding more clutter to your life. I’m also doing some slight layout/site tweaks but nothing too crazy. Please let me know if something doesn’t work in your browser.

My Work-flow

I’ve been meaning to do this for a while now but just hadn’t taken the time. Productivity is a huge word this day in age. I’m not sure if it stems from the problem that our attention spans have grown so short or the fact that we’ve filled our lives with so many distractions; but we know have thousands of resources at our fingertips to help us learn how to once again focus and block out distractions.

I am by no means immune to this conundrum. I am as easily, if not more, distracted than anybody else out there but I can say that slowly I think I am getting better at it. I’ve been blessed to work for myself now for almost five years and in that time frame I have been able to refine some of my processes over and over again to help aid my work-flow and hopefully allow me to get a little quicker/better at what I do so I can spend more time with the distractions that I really love.

The following is a list of software (both local and web-based) that I use almost daily for what I do. Of course some of it is directly related to my profession so you’ll probably have no need for a few but maybe you’ll find an item or two that might help you along as well. (more…)