Christian Ross

Christmas Icon Design

I would love to be able to conceptualize the detail in any one of these icons prior to construction of it. Amazing Illustrator work, re-affirms my need for a tablet. Not that I could produce anything on that level if I had one though.


Please take my stuff

A week or two ago I decided to remove some of the movies (all DVD’s) in our collection that we have never watched, watched and are ready to share, or know that I would have some explaining to do to my son about why we own two full seasons of a TV show referred to as another name for a burrow.

Either way, they have been removed from the cabinet and are looking for a good home. Their fate rests in several options:

  • a. Craigslist, ebay, Hastings, etc…
  • b. Freecycle
  • c. Give them to you
  • d. Donate them to some charity like GRACE (local group)

[a] possibly takes more time than they are worth. (more…)